Adolescent Counselling
Adolescence can be a challenging time of transitions, school and social demands, and shifting hormones, which can seem overwhelming.  A teen may need support in understanding and exploring their feelings of sadness, anger, fears, and intense worries.  Using client-centered therapy, the teens can begin to experience greater ease in life.
Through the use of art and talk therapy, I will listen and help guide you and your child to improved mental health, communication and wellness.  

Sometimes a teen needs support with:
+ find ease in discussing loss or grief
+ navigate friendships and bullying
+ develop skills to understand and manage anxiety and/or depression
+ social or school anxiety
+ body image issues
+ work through and manage strong emotions (anger, worries, sadness)
+ finding ease in questing gender 
+ exploring sexual identify
+ self-harm or suicidal ideation
+ improve communication and social skills
+ find direction as they grown into themselves
Available for online counselling and social distancing in my office starting July 2020. We can discuss how to alleviate your concerns regarding online counselling for you.
  Call or email to book an appointment.