Child Counselling
"For children to "play out" their experiences and feelings is the most natural dynamic and healing process in which they can engage." - Garry Landreth
Caregivers need to trust their instincts when it comes to bringing their child to counselling.  Your child may be experiencing sadness, withdrawal, aggression, increased worrying, an increase or decrease in appetite or sleep patterns, all of which can be signs that your child may require additional support.
Sometimes a child needs support with:
+ loss or grief
+ family transitions (blended family, separation or divorce, addiction in the family)
+ bullying and navigate friendships
+ develop skills to understand and manage anxiety and/or depression
+ school or separation anxiety
+ body image issues
+ difficulty dealing with strong emotions (anger, worries, sadness)
+ questioning gender 
+ self-harm or suicidal ideation
+ experience of abuse
+ learning difficulties
Available for online counselling and social distancing in my office starting July 2020. We can discuss how to alleviate your concerns regarding online counselling for you or your child.
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