Family and Couples Counselling
Often the family or couple relationship can be a great source of love, encouragement, and support.  Under times of stress however, the family system may require support.  I have decades of experience in working with children, youth, couples and families, and am amazed at the healing that can take place when even just one person is willing to want things to be different.  Unfortunately, family stressors can have a significant impact on both the children and adults.  Family and couples counselling can help to improve communication and understanding between family members, provide greater confidence in parenting skills, and reduce family conflict.
Stressors that can cause families to struggle include:
+ separation, divorce, and/or blending of families
+ lack of intimacy
+ resentments
+ physical or mental illness in the family
+ abuse
+ death
+ sibling rivalry
+ addiction
+ moving
+ financial pressures
Available for online counselling and social distancing in my office starting July 2020. We can discuss how to alleviate your concerns regarding online counselling for you or your child.
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